Win An EMP Shield Device From Marfoogle News - 3 Winners | Sweepstakes Den

Win An EMP Shield Device From Marfoogle News - 3 Winners | Sweepstakes Den

The last day to place your entry is: July 08, 2019

Enter below for your chance to be the lucky recipient of the following prize(s): Enter to win an EMP Shield Device from Marfoogle News - 3 Winners

This contest does not have any country or age restrictions in place so it appears to be open internationally.

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Eric Kessler says:

I win, YAY

Phil DeMarzo says:

This looks like it’s really built well.

Tammy Finch says:

I do want a EMP Shield for my van. Try to get some money together to buy one. Thanks for the contest chance.

Mary Mayer says:

Lucky enough to win

I m Talos says:

I hear a lot of good things about your product and company. The products are out of my price range. However, I'm thankful for the chance to win one.

buster99 says:

Hoping to win one for vehicle. Would be nice to finally own a vehicle that would be the envy of ALL the neighbors, Would have to certainly keep it hidden.

Michelle Mcelroy says:

God bless you for this opportunity for someone like myself who knows I need one but currently doesn’t have the funds for such a necessity. I also appreciate your channel and the information you’re getting out there for the American public.

Jason Clarke says:

Really Need One

Mike Gardner says:

I’m an electrician, I don’t know how you can shield unless your power is disconnected, could you explain the principal.

Ronnie Hartung says:

Hope I win could really use it!

Pastor Billy says:

GOD bless everyone.JESUS is coming.JESUS is alive.JESUS is the WORD of GOD who became flesh.JESUS and ABBA FATHER GOD are ONE.
This world can hurt you but no matter what happens or happened JESUS loves you all.GOD bless you.I love you all JESUS loves you more.The Bible is the WORD of GOD written by the prophets.Don't ever lose your faith.Read the Bible every day If possible.Faith comes by hearing.Hearing the WORD of GOD.Study to show yourselves approved.Nothing in life is more important then a relationship with GOD/JESUS.

Sherrie Pace says:

I am a single mom and caring for my dad too.I work ft, And would So Greatly Appreciate

Robert Rodriguez says:

It would be great to win one for the house.

Phyllis Pynn says:

I would love to win an emp device. I would like a generator emp. I am from Canada and have been following marfogglenews. Love the programs. Lots of good advice.. Phyllis

Anne G says:

How do I go about purchasing the EMPshield? I love your show & helping with the information.

Greg says:

Hey Marf love listening from Newfoundland Canada. You no it’s strange the American government haven’t got you shut down yet for telling the truth keep it up....people need to love to win a emp device

Brian Straub says:

I would be so greatful to win this amazing device i live in nj im paralyzed on one side from a stroke at 25 and am pretty much f#%×*ed 6 ways to sunday if we lose power for an extended amount of time

Len D says:

If I were a lucky recipient to win this EMP 🛡 device, I would save up enough 💰 to purchase a Mobilehome RV & install this Device then travel the USA to promote this EMP 🛡 Device.

Cin durden says:

This would be a wonderful prize to win! Could really use in a bad situation! EMP Shield Device! Thank you!

Deborah Ashcraft says:

Moving into motor home to go anywhere anytime. Solar power. Water filtration. And an EMP device would complete it.

Deborah Ashcraft says:

Moving into a van. Need one of these

Gayle Glisson says:

I am dependent on self and need a way to get to family if necessary. Would really like one for my vehicle

Susan Pelletier says:

I would love to win a EMP shield device for my house. I love your show and I watch it all the time.

Rhonda says:

I have 2 EMP SHIELDS. I NEED 3 more for my Polaris Ranger, my generator & my 2nd Truck.

Kelli Speck says:

Trying to enter for new contest and telling me that it has ended. Help please add new entry

Christopher Beauregard says:

thank you , I got several for my family, now I need one, hopefully I can get one in time, ChrisB

Patricia Moon says:

I would be grateful for one for my generater can't afford it but would be happy to advertise for free. It is a scary world and not sure where it is going from day to day. Thank you, that's all.

Matt Hauer says:

Lets do this!

Lynn Logsdon says:

It would be awesome to win one for our truck we have toddlers.and it is very important that we can get them to a safe place. Thank you and be safe and have a blessed day

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