Publisher's Clearing House - Win $3 Million Cash

Publisher's Clearing House - Win $3 Million Cash

Enter the Publisher's Clearing House Win $3 million Dream Home Sweepstakes and if the matching winning number for Giveaway No. 6900 is assigned to you, you will receive $3,000,000 in one lump-sum payment. You will automatically be entered into this giveaway by completing and submitting the PCH sweepstakes entry form. Upon receipt of your entry, a SuperPrize Number will be assigned to you at Publishers Clearing House headquarters. A purchase is not required for entry.

Post expires on 21 April 2016

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Mario Echeverria says:

Nice dream... ! Dream home! It’s wanderfull reward. Please continue activation in my PCHGWY No.8800 or my PCHGWY No.11000 dream home. I will be a very hapapiest guy if I achieve - throug PCH help - this one special reward. Thanks . ME

Arthur Dent says:

Hi there PCH! It is truly a dream to have a
really nice home and to say it's all yours
bought and paid for. I am very excited and
I can't wait for that day to come. Please
activate from Gwy No . 8800 my Dream Home! Because of you PCH my life will be
so much brighter and I'm so grateful to you
for it! Thank you! Arthur Dent

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